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Readers Favorite Review

The Ghost Hunter receives a glowing review from Readers Favorites.

The Ghost Hunter is a young adult paranormal mystery novel by Steve Altier. After being bullied his entire school life, sixteen-year-old prodigy Gerald Dupickle hopes to turn things around in college. However, mistakenly presuming a group of black t-shirt-wearing students to be pulling pranks on him is not the way to go. Gerald learns that the group, led by a student named Fangs, fancy themselves to be ghost hunters. Initially skeptical at first, Gerald soon discovers that ghosts are real, and one of them haunts the very library where he reads. After joining the group, Gerald and his friends visit haunted places. While Frank wants to show the world proof of ghosts’ existence, Gerald wants to help them pass over to the other side. But Gerald’s obsession may take him on a dangerous path.

If you’re a fan of anything paranormal, The Ghost Hunter is just the book for you. Author Steve Altier tells an engaging coming-of-age tale about friendship and growing up with the shadow of ghosts looming in the background. The plot is paced well, and the narrative flows smoothly without a single hitch. Gerald is a likable protagonist you can’t help getting attached to, and you find yourself rooting for him as he embarks on his adventures with his friends. Gerald’s initiation and friendship with the ghost hunters are the primary aspects of the story that drive the narrative forward. The ending delivers quite a shocking surprise, and I can honestly say that I did not see it coming. Recommended to young adult readers.

Reviewed by Pikasho Deka for Readers’ Favorite

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